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Dear Customers

Welcome to the Specialist Horticultural Farm Złocień

In our offer you will find over 200 varieties of chrysanthemums and chrysanthemum cuttings. In 2024 we would like to wish all our counterparties luck and much success in our cooperation.

Since 2002 our company has been participating in the National Horticultural Exhibition POLAGRA and for the last three years we have bee organizing Open Days in our farm.

We are very pleased that the group of our customers is growing every year. We are trying to do our best to fulfil your expectations concerning quality of cuttings and to meet the arranged delivery times.

Our company has been offering chrysanthemum cuttings since 1980. Thanks to cooperation with well-known farming companies, we are capable of offering you the latest and the best chrysanthemum cuttings available on our market, as well as all the finest varieties of chrysanthemums.

Each year we are trying to introduce new, interesting varieties. This year we have tested 40 big flower pot varieties, from which we have selected 8 the most interesting ones. The features we have paid particular attention to are: Size of inflorescence, arrangement of petals, durability and good growth.

You are most welcome to look at our offer,
Maria Andruszkiewicz
Katarzyna and Piotr Tyszkiewicz